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Blut & Krieg


Release date:
March 1997
Catalog ID:
Union 04-96 / Sombre 004
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Majestic Union
666 copies
6 reviews (avg. 82%)
Side A
1. Midnight - Intro 00:47   instrumental
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2. In a Bloody Night of Fullmoon 04:21   Show lyrics
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3. Shadows 07:40   Show lyrics
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4. ...and Snow Covered the Lifeless Bodies 09:04   Show lyrics
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5. My Evil Soul 07:11   Show lyrics
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Side B
6. Blut & Krieg 06:02   Show lyrics
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7. Kingdom of Forgotten Dreams 04:43   Show lyrics
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8. Under the Cold Fullmoon 07:52   Show lyrics
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9. I Am All 07:16   Show lyrics
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10. The Infernal Master Returns 01:56   Show lyrics
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Band members
Occulta Mors All instruments
Gaamalzagoth Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Igor Zimmermann Producer
Occulta Mors All instruments
Gaamalzagoth Vocals
Igor Zimmermann Producer
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"My Evil Soul" and "I Am All" appear exclusively on this tape edition.

Co-released with Sombre Records.

Recording information:

Recorded and mixed from 15.-17. of February 1996 at Studio Digan.
"My Evil Soul" and "I Am All" were recorded September 1995.

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