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Monolith Cult > Gospel of Despair
Monolith Cult - Gospel of Despair
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Gospel of Despair

Monolith Cult

Release date:
November 17th, 2017
Catalog ID:
Transcending Records
3 reviews (avg. 78%)
1. Disconnection Syndrome 06:02   Show lyrics
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2. The Gospel of Despair 06:17   Show lyrics
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3. Kings of All That's Lost 07:17   Show lyrics
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4. Chothia in Memorium 00:46   instrumental
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5. Sympathy for the Living 05:34   Show lyrics
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6. Complicit in Your Own Abuse 07:54   Show lyrics
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7. Death Means Nothing 08:17   Show lyrics
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Band members
Ian "Izak" Buxton Bass
Lee Baines Guitars
Bryan Outlaw Vocals
Wayne Hustler Guitars
Dan Mullins Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Dan Goldsworthy Cover art
Dan Mullins Drums
Dan Goldsworthy Cover art
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Read Digging Through Old Ground 67% psychoticnicholai December 19th, 2017
Read Kings Of All That's Lost 87% Larry6990 December 19th, 2017


Barcode: 191079754847

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