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Moloch > Прогнившие нити жизни
Moloch - Прогнившие нити жизни
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Прогнившие нити жизни


Release date:
January 15th, 2006
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Smell the Stench
222 copies
None yet
1. Сыростью вечных стремлений   instrumental
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2. Прогнившие нити жизни   instrumental
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3. Терновые сферы бытия   instrumental
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4. Сквозь время и бремя   instrumental
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5. Клеймо презрения судьбы   instrumental
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Band members
Sergiy Fjordsson Keyboards
Miscellaneous staff
Alexander Mastering
Sergiy Fjordsson Layout
Sergiy Fjordsson Keyboards
Alexander Mastering
Sergiy Fjordsson Layout
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Tape with one sided black/white xeroxed cover.

English title "Rotten Threads of Life".

Track list in English:
- By the Raw of Eternal Aspiration
- Rotten Threads of Life
- Thorny Spheres of Being
- Through Time and Burben
- Brand of the Scorn of Fate

Total playing time: 17:52

Recording information:

All 5 tracks recorded as 1 long track

This demo recorded somewhere in the depths of Rivne during Autumn 2003 on two-inch tape recorder in pseudo-stereo mode. Mastered from original tape reels in Summer 2006 at A.M.F. studio (Bulgaria).

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