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Moloch > Abstrakter Wald > 2017, Cassette, Lánd-Væt-Turr Records (Limited edition, Remastered, Microcassette)
Moloch - Abstrakter Wald
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Abstrakter Wald


Release date:
June 1st, 2017
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition, Remastered, Microcassette
Lánd-Væt-Turr Records
2 reviews (avg. 53%)
Side A
1. Abstrakter Wald I 11:07   instrumental
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2. Abstrakter Wald II 06:42   instrumental
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3. Abstrakter Wald III 07:33   instrumental
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4. Abstrakter Wald IX 02:52   instrumental
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Side B
5. Abstrakter Wald IV 06:07   instrumental
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6. Abstrakter Wald V 07:51   instrumental
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7. Abstrakter Wald VI 04:33   instrumental
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8. Abstrakter Wald VII 07:01   instrumental
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9. Abstrakter Wald VIII 04:42   instrumental
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Original line-up
Band members
Sergiy Fjordsson Keyboards, Field recordings
Miscellaneous staff
Sergiy Fjordsson Photography, Layout, Recording, Mastering
Original line-up
Sergiy Fjordsson Keyboards, Field recordings
Original line-up
Sergiy Fjordsson Photography, Layout, Recording, Mastering
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Read Abstrakter Wald 85% jimstayahead1 May 29th, 2012

The microcassette format furthers the experience with a distinctly lo-fi interpretation of this analogue live recording, adding tape saturation to the album atmosphere, ultimately twisting it into a new creation altogether. Recorded in standard speed of 2.4 cm/s on 60min higher fidelity “Type IV Ferrum" i.e. coated with pure metal particles rather than oxide. Limitation unknown, but all copies are hand-humbered. Microcassette comes with black/white pro-printed insert (or Brown Eco Craft paper insert) in clear hardshell case. Some copies comes with branches, stones, sticker and patch.

Recording information:

Album "Abstrakter Wald" (Abstract Forest) based on the field recordings that were made during live ritual in Winter 2010 a.y.p.s. - small live performance on which also played their tracks a few other projects (all includes Sergiy Fjordsson as member): Saturn Form Essence, Gjollheimr, Anu and Silver Sphere Moon. Recorded with only keyboards, microphones and reel-to-reel/open-reel audio tape recorder in pseudo-stereo/mono mode, somewhere in the deep and forgotten woods of Carpathian region, Ukraine. All sounds represent a real-time-live-recording, along with background sounds of the open space and natural acoustic vibrations of the empty dark woods. Mastered from original tape reels in Winter 2010 at Moloch studio. All music written and recorded by Sergiy Fjodsson.

Tracks 1-6 is remastered parts of the original live track.
Tracks 6-9 is remastered parts of rehearsal/improvised session.

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