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Mob Rules > Savage Land Part 1
Mob Rules - Savage Land Part 1
Mob Rules discography (misc)
Lord of Madness
Mob Rules discography (all)
Savage Land

Savage Land Part 1

Mob Rules

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1. Strangers In Time  
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2. Pianista  
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3. Savage Land (No Reason Why)  
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4. Percussionista  
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5. Down In Nowhere Land  
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6. Stringista  
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Photos by Karsten Koch, Hannover & Reinhard Harms
Cover concept by Mob Rules
Cover artwork and logo design by Eric Philippe, Belgium
Sleeve design by DLP Hamburg

All songs published by Limb Music Publishing, Germany

Recording information:

Recorded at Redhead Studios, Wilhelmshaven, August - Oktober 1998 Mixed and mastered by Sascha Paeth at Gate-Studio, Wolfsburg, January 1999 Orchestral arrangements conducted by Ralf Aulrich, edited by Miro

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