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Turronizer / LSD Mossel / Agathocles / Mixomatosis

Agathocles / Mixomatosis / Turronizer / LSD Mossel

Release date:
July 12th, 2010
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Pro CD-R
Infecció Underground Produccions
None yet
1. Turronizer - Condenados Al Dolor  
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2. Turronizer - Traficante De Vidas  
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3. Turronizer - Mala Persona  
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4. Turronizer - Tu Muerte  
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5. Turronizer - Bicho Raro  
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6. Turronizer - Deceiver (Napalm Death cover)  
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7. Turronizer - Decapitación Por Sistema  
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8. Turronizer - Infección Humana  
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9. LSD Mossel - Untitled 11:07  
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10. Agathocles - Not a Bit  
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11. Agathocles - Tension  
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12. Agathocles - Axe the Tax  
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13. Agathocles - Bang Bang  
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14. Agathocles - Splattered Brains  
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15. Agathocles - Necessity  
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16. Agathocles - Arbeit Macht Krank  
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17. Agathocles - Lay Off Me  
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18. Agathocles - Christianity Means Tyranny  
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19. Mixomatosis - Infantes Niños Armados  
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20. Mixomatosis - Suceso Adolescente  
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21. Mixomatosis - Río De Sangre En Ruanda  
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22. Mixomatosis - Fosa Común  
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Rudy Mossel Guitars, Vocals
Roel N. Drums, Vocals
Ernesto Bass
Alicia Drums
José Guitars
Jan Vocals, Guitars
Nils Drums, Vocals
Tony (R.I.P. 2008) Bass
Bonillo Bass
Marc "Pozilgano" Vocals
Jordi "Torment" Marsal Drums
Lozano "Death" Guitars
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Co-released with Aima Records, Nydoom Productions, Helldrivers Records.

Recording information:

Recorded in August, 2009 and in March-April, 2010 at Turrosound Studios.

LSD Mossel:
Recorded live on January 30th, 2010 at "Porno Gore Garri Extreme Fest 2010" in Sala Boca Nord, Barcelona, Spain.

Recorded live on January 28th, 2008 at C.S.O. Orbeko Etxea in Laudio/Llodio, Vizcaya, Spain.

Recorded live on September 19th, 2008 at Resto Rock Pub in Mouzay, France during Infeccio Mixoma European Tour 2008.

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