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Release date:
April 14th, 2008
Catalog ID:
Red Stream, Inc.
9 reviews (avg. 82%)
1. Dismay 11:34   Show lyrics
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2. No One by My Side 10:26   Show lyrics
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3. The Fecal Rebellion 15:03   Show lyrics
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4. Ganglion 08:52   Show lyrics
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5. Une existence dont plus personne ne jouit 12:06   Show lyrics
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6. So Frail 06:40   Show lyrics
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Band members
Vladimir Cochet Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Drum Programming
Miscellaneous staff
Geoffroy Lagrange Mastering
Vladimir Cochet Mixing
Vladimir Cochet Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Drum Programming
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"So Frail" was used as a track in the video game Brutal Legend.

Recording information:

Tracks 1-5: by Vladimir, at home, Summer 2005.
Track 6: by Vladimir, at home, Summer 2007.

Mixed by Vladimir at home, 2007-2008.
Mastered at Paradise Studio, 2008.

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