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MindFunk > People Who Fell from the Sky
MindFunk - People Who Fell from the Sky
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People Who Fell from the Sky


Release date:
March 27th, 1995
Catalog ID:
Music for Nations
2 reviews (avg. 74%)
1. Rift Valley Fever 04:22  
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2. Superchief 04:55  
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3. Seasick 04:55  
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4. Deep End 04:28  
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5. People Who Fell from the Sky 03:16  
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6. Weird Water 03:00  
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7. Aluna 06:18  
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8. 1000 Times 03:47  
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9. Kill the Messenger 05:40  
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10. Acrobats Falling 05:41  
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Band members
Patrick Dubar Vocals
Louis Svitek Guitars
Frank Ciampi Bass
Shawn Johnson Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Van Christie Producer
Van Christie Producer
Read Mindfunks foray into Doom... 77% erickg13 November 21st, 2006
Read A Doomy Swan Song 70% worgelm March 12th, 2005

Recording information:

Produced by Mindfunk and Van Christie.
Recorded at Warzone1 Recorders.

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