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Release date:
October 31st, 2008
Catalog ID:
Forged in Fire
None yet
1. Metal Axe 04:27  
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2. Search for Steel 03:46  
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3. Regiments of Death 03:39  
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4. Objective: Termination 04:37  
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5. Salem Square 04:29  
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6. The Sybling 04:12  
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7. Talking to the Stone 06:02  
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8. No Submission 04:49  
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9. Thrash to Destroy 04:14  
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10. Onslaught 03:49  
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11. Objective: Termination (live) 04:40  
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12. Regiments of Death (live) 03:44  
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Tracks one through three are from Regiments of Death, four through six are from The Sybling, and seven and eight are from No Submission. "Thrash to Destroy" was partially recorded (rhythm guitar, bass, and drums) in 1984 and completed (with another rhythm guitar track, a solo, and vocals) in 2008. "Onslaught" is one of the first songs Militia ever wrote and is taken from a 1984 rehearsal. Tracks 11 and 12 were recorded at the Ritz Theater in early 1986.

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