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Metsatöll > Lahinguväljal näeme, raisk!
Metsatöll - Lahinguväljal näeme, raisk!
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Raua needmine
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Raua needmine

Lahinguväljal näeme, raisk!


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Nailboard Records
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1. Sissejuhatus 03:01  
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2. Veresulased 05:57  
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3. Oma laulu ei leia ma üles 04:02  
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4. Metsaviha 1 03:56  
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5. Hundiraev 06:41  
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6. Sõjahunt 04:16  
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7. Mõõk 04:12  
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8. Terast mis hangund me hinge 04:41  
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9. Metsaviha 2 07:36  
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10. Hiiekoda 06:55  
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11. Rauavanne 05:12  
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12. Saaremaa vägimees 04:08  
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13. Hundi loomine 05:23  
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14. Lahinguväljal näeme, raisk! 07:28  
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Markus "Rabapagan" Guitars, Vocals (lead)
Varulven Guitars, Estonian bagpipes, Zither, Flute, Jew's harp, Vocals (backing)
KuriRaivo Bass, Stump bass, Contrabass, Vocals (backing)
Marko Atso Drums, Vocals (backing)
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Live DVD / CD “See you on the battlefield!”
The show was recorded last year on November 11th in RockCafé, Tallinn. In addition to the 75-minute show, the DVD contains an hour-long movie about the doings and goings of Metsatöll from 2000 up until the gig in the Finnish Tuska festival this year, before an audience of tens of thousands of people. The DVD also has interviews with the band members, their opinions, thoughts and confessions about themselves and the band. And an audio-CD recording of the live show is included as well.

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