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Metallica > I Disappear
Metallica - I Disappear
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Classic Albums: Metallica

I Disappear


Release date:
June 26th, 2000
Catalog ID:
Hollywood Records
5 reviews (avg. 36%)
1. I Disappear 04:26   Show lyrics
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2. I Disappear 04:32   instrumental
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James Hetfield Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
Kirk Hammett Guitars (lead)
Jason Newsted Bass
Lars Ulrich Drums
Read All visual pandering, zero... 0% hells_unicorn October 25th, 2011
Read Please Metallica, disappear! 1% Daemonia May 21st, 2008
Read Disposable but enjoyable... 70% caspian September 25th, 2007
Read Decent 81% HealthySonicDiet December 20th, 2003
Read Bad but not St. Anger material 26% The_Tr00_Dudeguy October 11th, 2003

"I Disappear" is the premiere of a Metallica recording in a motion picture. Taken from the Motion Picture Soundtrack "M:I-2".

An early version of the song was leaked online, leading to the infamous Metallica vs. Napster trial.

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