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Fifth Member Exclusive Deluxe Box Set Sampler


Release date:
February 17th, 2016
Catalog ID:
1 review (avg. 63%)
1. The Four Horsemen 07:12  
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2. Motorbreath (Rough Mix) 03:14  
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3. Phantom Lord (Live) 04:48  
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4. Seek and Destroy (Live) 07:48  
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5. Creeping Death (Live) 07:48  
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6. Creeping Death 06:36  
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7. Ride the Lightning (Garage Demo) 07:34  
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8. For Whom the Bell Tolls (Live) 04:29  
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9. Am I Evil? (Live) 03:34  
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10. Motorbreath (Live) 03:03  
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11. Whiplash (Live) 04:35  
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12. Fade to Black (Live) 07:08  
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13. Blitzkrieg (Rough Mix) 03:38  
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14. Am I Evil? (Rough Mix) 07:54  
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Lars Ulrich Drums
James Hetfield Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
Kirk Hammett Guitars (lead)
Cliff Burton (R.I.P. 1986) Bass
Read A nice bit of history 63% EzraBlumenfeld March 7th, 2018

Available for free download for registered members of Metallica website.

Promo release from the "Kill 'em All" and "Ride the Lightning" deluxe box-sets.

Tracks 13 and 14 are not included in the box-set. The box-set does include rough mixes for both tracks, but those are instrumental and lack lead guitar.

Recording information:

Tracks 3-4 recorded Live 9.02.1984 in Paris, France
Track 5 recorded Live 31.10.1983 in Palo Alto, The United States
Track 8 Recorded Live 10.03.1985 in Los Angeles, The United States
Tracks 9-10 recorded Live 15.03.1985 in San Francisco, The United States
Track 11 recorded Live 20.12.1984 in London, The United Kingdom
Track 12 recorded Live 17.08.1985 in Castle Donington, The United Kingdom


File specifications:
mp3 320kbps joint stereo

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