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Messiah > Extreme Cold Weather / Hymn to Abramelin
Messiah - Extreme Cold Weather / Hymn to Abramelin
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Extreme Cold Weather / Hymn to Abramelin


Release date:
Catalog ID:
NB 032 CD
Nuclear Blast
None yet
1. Hymn to Abramelin 01:08  
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2. Messiah (new version) 03:32  
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3. Anarchus 04:15  
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4. Space Invaders 03:47  
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5. Thrashing Madness 02:34  
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6. Future Agressor 02:26  
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7. Empire of the Damned 03:04  
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8. Total Maniac 03:53  
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9. The Dentist 07:51  
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10. Extreme Cold Weather 04:22   Show lyrics
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11. Enjoy Yourself 02:27   Show lyrics
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12. Johannes Paul der Letzte (Dedicated in Hate to Pope John Paul II) 03:40   Show lyrics
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13. Hyper Borea 05:44  
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14. Radezky March: We Hate to Be in the Army Now 03:02   Show lyrics
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15. Nero 05:22   Show lyrics
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The tracks from Hymn to Abramelin are remixed and "Messiah" is a "new version". The CD omits all spoken interludes from both LPs and "Mother Theresa (Dedicated in Love to Mother Theresa)" and the live tracks from Extreme Cold Weather.


Barcode: 4001617298428

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