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Merknet > More Ancient than the Emptiness
Merknet - More Ancient than the Emptiness
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More Ancient than the Emptiness


Release date:
April 20th, 2016
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Black Metal Cult Records
500 copies
None yet
1. Heed the Voices of Black Abyss Flame 09:56  
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2. Ash ov Saturnus 12:35  
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3. The Serpents from Abyssic Tar 09:24  
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4. Grail with the Dead Water 10:53  
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5. Initiation to the Bestial 10:32  
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6. Sacrilegious Miasma (The Black Mass Liturgy) 04:28  
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7. For All Cursed! (Tar from the Widows Eyes) 04:28  
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Wildboar Drums
Thunderer Guitars
Nokkr Guitars
S. Mortem Vocals
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First 100 copies come as a Die Hard edition with an 11x17 poster, embroided patch, and stickers.
Titles in Russian:
1. Внемли, пылая пламенем чёрной пропасти
2. Пепел Сатурна
3. Змием, во смолах погибели
4. Чаша с озёрами бездны
5. Забвение инициацией к лику зверя
6. Литургия
7. Смола вдовьего ока (Проклятым)

Recording information:

Written and recorded in 2013.

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Added on: 2016-05-02 18:17:22 Last modified on: 2016-10-12 08:29:41