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Mercyless > Live in Memory of Agrazabeth
Mercyless - Live in Memory of Agrazabeth
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Spiral of Flowers

Live in Memory of Agrazabeth


Live album
Release date:
October 27th, 2017
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Without Christ 04:20  
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2. Contemplations 06:57  
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3. Serenades... (into your limbs) 04:00  
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4. Naked Forms 03:17  
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5. Abject Offerings 03:55  
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6. Mirrors of Melancholy 05:15  
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7. Selected Resurrection 04:24  
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8. Travel Through a Strange Emotion 04:03  
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9. Without Christ 04:19  
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10. Contemplations 06:38  
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11. Naked Forms 03:06  
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12. Abject Offerings 03:51  
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13. A Message for All Those Who Died 04:05  
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14. Substance of Purity 04:02  
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• Also available on CD as part as the 1000 copies limited edition double DigiPak CD of the "Coloured Funeral" 2017 reissue by XENOKORP Records.
• Originally released by Armée de la Mort as part of the "In Memory of Agrazabeth" double CD set, this version is a totally new remastered one.

Recording information:

• Tracks 1-7 recorded live from the soundboard at la Poudrière in Rochefort, France in 1994
• Tracks 8-14 recorded live from the soudnboard at l'Usine in Reims, France in 1994


• Digital UPC: 760137048923

Added by: XenoKorp Modified by: Storm of the Light's Bane
Added on: 2017-07-17 13:35:27 Last modified on: 2017-11-06 18:04:42