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Mercyful Fate > Demo 1981
Mercyful Fate - Demo 1981
Mercyful Fate discography (demos)
Demo #1
Mercyful Fate discography (all)
Demo #1

Demo 1981

Mercyful Fate

Release date:
March 1981
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Death Kiss 04:32   Show lyrics
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2. You Asked for It 04:15   Show lyrics
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3. Running Away 03:17   Show lyrics
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King Diamond Vocals
Hank Shermann Guitars, Bass
Carsten Van der Volsing Guitars, Bass
Jan Musen Drums
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First demo recorded under the name Mercyful Fate. The band may have been known at the time as Back to Hell - which name appears on the tape is unknown.

Jan was a friend of Hank who filled in on drums for the departed Lars Monroe of Brats fame. 'Old' Nick Smith would be the next drummer. Nick was the drummer in Danger Zone, Michael Denner's band. The members of Danger Zone and Mercyful Fate would soon join together to form the first solid Mercyful Fate line-up.

Recording information:

Recorded in late March on 1981 at The Rocktape Studios in Copenhagen Denmark.

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