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Menegroth > Das rote Werk
Menegroth - Das rote Werk

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Das rote Werk


Release date:
Catalog ID:
DTB 070
Version desc.:
Darker than Black Records
None yet
1. Heiliger Krieg 00:48   instrumental
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2. Der STAHLinistische Arbeiter 05:33   Show lyrics
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3. Rote Revolution 03:04   Show lyrics
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4. Sowjetische Nächte 04:14   Show lyrics
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5. Marxistische Mysterien 06:49   Show lyrics
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6. @O+ 02:16   Show lyrics
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7. Roter Phallinismus 04:16   Show lyrics
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8. Red Lion Pub 05:35   Show lyrics
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9. Nachts steht Hunger 01:28  
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10. Tanks 'n' Roses 05:08   Show lyrics
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11. Die Mönche des roten Zaren 11:16   Show lyrics
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12. Gott, schütze den Zaren 03:31   instrumental
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Steynsberg Bass
Maikaru Guitars (lead)
Cautes Marinetti Vocals
Herr Tarihan Guitars (rhythm), Guitars (lead), Bass
B. Drums
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"Heiliger Krieg" was already used as hidden track in the "Menegroth" CD released by BergStolz, only the Marinetti speech is removed.

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