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Millennium Monsterwork


Live album
Release date:
April 1st, 2002
Catalog ID:
Ipecac Recordings
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1. Good Morning Slaves 01:47  
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2. Night Goat 05:08   Show lyrics
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3. The Omen (Ave Satani) (Jerry Goldsmith cover) 01:58  
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4. Cholo Charlie 01:03  
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5. White Men Are the Vermin of the Earth 01:01  
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6. Terprurlative Guns & Drugs 02:45  
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7. Ol' Black Stooges 02:34  
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8. Ripping Chicken Meat 01:51  
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9. The Bit 05:55   Show lyrics
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10. Musthing with the Phunts 01:00  
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11. Me and the Flamer 04:03  
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12. She's a Puker 01:08  
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13. The Turkey Doctor 01:05  
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14. Hooch 01:21   Show lyrics
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15. Mombius Hibachi 01:30   Show lyrics
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16. Liquorton Gooksburg 00:46  
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17. Skin Horse 03:35   Show lyrics
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18. Cape Fear (Bernard Herrman cover) 01:51  
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Buzz Osborne Guitars, Vocals
Dale Crover Drums, Vocals (backing)
Kevin Rutmanis Bass
Trevor Dunn Bass
Mike Patton Vocals, Sampler
Dave Lombardo Drums, Vocals (backing)
Dave Stone Guitars
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Released under the name "The FantômasMelvins Big Band".
Also known as "Millennium Monsterwork Live: New Year's Eve 2000".

Featuring members and songs from both bands.

This was recorded live in San Francisco, CA at Slims on December 3rd 2000

Line up:

Dale Crover: Drums, vocals
Trevor Dunn: Bass
King Buzzo: Guitar, vocals
Dave Lombardo: Drums
Mike Patton: Vocals, samples, "electronics"
Kevin Rutmanis: Bass
Dave Stone: Guitar, "electronics"

There also a 19th hidden untitled track (00:13).

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