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Meathook Seed

Release date:
March 1993
Catalog ID:
Earache Records
4 reviews (avg. 83%)
1. Famine Sector 04:09   Show lyrics
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2. A Fumed Game 03:47   Show lyrics
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3. My Infinity 03:01   Show lyrics
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4. Day of Conceiving 03:20   Show lyrics
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5. Cling to an Image 02:48   Show lyrics
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6. A Wilted Remnant 04:34   Show lyrics
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7. Forgive 03:24   Show lyrics
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8. Focal Point Blur 03:04   Show lyrics
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9. Embedded 02:07  
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10. Visible Shallow Self 02:27   Show lyrics
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11. Sea of Tranquility 13:43  
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Band members
Mitch Harris Guitars, Bass, Programming
Donald Tardy Drums
Trevor Peres Vocals
Shane Embury Vocals (track 11)
Mitch Harris Guitars, Bass, Programming
Donald Tardy Drums
Trevor Peres Vocals
Shane Embury Vocals (track 11)
Read An overlooked industrial... 95% Hellish_Torture November 5th, 2014
Read Embedded In My Brain 83% televiper11 August 11th, 2010
Read Interesting 70% Vim_Fuego August 6th, 2004
Read Good, unknown, and old school. 83% mutiilator April 29th, 2004

When Earache initially released 'Embedded' they accidentally pressed a different version of the album to the 'official' release. This incorrectly issued version appears to be an early unfinished mix, and with the exception of last track 'Sea Of Tranquility' every track sounds noticeably different to the official pressing, with this earlier version missing numerous samples and effects and containing material edited out of the final mix. Only 500 copies were pressed by mistake. These 'early mix' CDs are visually identical to the official CD release and can only be identified by contrasting the audio (an easy way to spot the difference is with the opening seconds of opening track 'Famine Sector': on the 'early mix' version there are no bass notes overlaying the opening drum machine beat).


Barcode: 7 45316 00882 5
Matrix code: DIDX 019570 1

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