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Mastic Scum - Live
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Mastic Scum

Live album
Release date:
Catalog ID:
ORCS 011
Obliteration Records
None yet
1. Conviction  
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2. Fuckin' Fact  
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3. Hyper-Detection  
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4. Blood Effusion  
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5. Emotive Synergy  
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6. Blind to the Truth  
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7. Arouse Suspicion  
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8. Climb to an Image (Meathook Seed cover)  
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9. Perverse Illusion  
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10. Brain Slam  
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Mann Drums
Harry Guitars
Will (R.I.P. 2012) Vocals
Steff Bass
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Recording information:

Tracks 1-2 recorded live at "Noise Factory" in Stubach, Austria on January 6th, 1996.
Tracks 3-5 recorded live at "Sbase Cafe" in Zell am See, Austria on July 28th, 1995.
Tracks 6-8 recorded live at "Utopia" in Innsbruck, Austria on March 24th, 1995.
Tracks 9-10 are taken from the 7" EP "Tilt".

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