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Unreleased 1985 Album


Release date:
June 2nd, 2003
Catalog ID:
From Beyond Productions
2 reviews (avg. 87%)
1. Master 02:55   Show lyrics
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2. Unknown Soldier 02:49   Show lyrics
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3. Mangled Dehumanisation 01:54   Show lyrics
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4. Funeral Bitch 02:00   Show lyrics
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5. Terrorizer 02:46   instrumental
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6. Pledge of Alliance 01:58   Show lyrics
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7. Re-Entry and Destruction 02:54   Show lyrics
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8. Constant Quarrel 03:18   Show lyrics
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9. Judgment of Will 03:25   Show lyrics
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10. Submerged in Sin 04:35   Show lyrics
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11. Cut Through the Filth 03:45   Show lyrics
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Read All Hail mid-80's Death Metal 88% UncleMeat May 18th, 2009
Read Raw Like F**kin' Sushi 85% brocashelm August 1st, 2005

Intended to be Master's debut album. However, due to conflicts with their at-the-time label Combat Records, it was shelved.

Re-released in 2013 under two alternate album titles: Funeral Bitch and Unknown Soldier (Unreleased 1985 Album).

Recording information:

Tracks 1-7: The original Album was recorded in October 1985.
Tracks 8-10: Demo songs recorded in 1991.
Track 11: Demo song recorded in 1993, also released on Nuclear Blast's "Death Is Just the Beginning II" (Compilation, 1993).


Barcode: 8 712667 001628

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