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Forward into Regression


Release date:
March 8th, 2011
Catalog ID:
Willowtip Records
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1. March Forward (Into Regression) 01:49   Show lyrics
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2. Strain 02:03   Show lyrics
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3. Plague Domain 00:57   Show lyrics
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4. Stagnation Routine 01:45   Show lyrics
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5. Devoid of Allegiance 01:13   Show lyrics
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6. Drown in Black Matter 00:39   Show lyrics
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7. Body Weapon 00:49   Show lyrics
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8. Swine Swallower 02:27   Show lyrics
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9. Conform to Deform 02:33   Show lyrics
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10. Etched in Granite 01:50   Show lyrics
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11. Salient 02:04   instrumental
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12. Solace Through Self Annihilation 01:37   Show lyrics
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13. Hand of the Overseer 02:14   Show lyrics
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14. Failure King 03:15   Show lyrics
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15. Gaiares 00:49   Show lyrics
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16. Blood of the Luddite 03:03   Show lyrics
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Band members
Mitchell Luna Vocals
Eduardo Borja Guitars
Mauro Cordoba Bass
Danny Morris Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Brian Elliott Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
Alex Eckman Lawn Artwork
Brian Elliott Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
Alex Eckman Lawn Artwork
Read Focus group into regression 0% bitterman September 14th, 2013

All riffage written by Eduardo Borja, for exception of "Body Weapon", "Gaiares", "Blood of the Luddite" by Mauro Cordoba, "Conform to Deform" by Eduardo and Mauro and "Solace Through Self Annihilation" by Eduardo and Mitchell. Eduardo uses Vader Guitar cabinets. All lyrics by Mitchell.

Video was made for Devoid of Allegiance.

Recording information:

Drums tracked July 9th-11th 2010 @ Mana Studios by Brian Elliot.
Guitar and bass DI recorded by Mauro Cordoba @ Iron Moth recordings aka either Mitchell or Moe's house.
Guitars re-amped, guitar feedback and vocals recorded August 12-15 @ Mana Studios.


Barcode: 7 98546 27082 6
Matrix / Runout: DIDX-630676 2

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