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Betrayal / Martyr > The Passing of Time
Betrayal / Martyr - The Passing of Time
Betrayal discography (misc)
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Betrayal discography (all)
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In Remembrance of Me
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Martyr discography (all)
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The Passing of Time

Betrayal / Martyr

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Enhanced, Remastered
Black and White
None yet
1. Martyr - Imminent Warfare  
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2. Martyr - Frantic  
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3. Martyr - Impiously Deranged  
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4. Martyr - Fallen Deceived  
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5. Martyr - Plead the Blood  
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6. Martyr - Escaping the Altar  
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7. Betrayal - When Darkness Reigns  
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8. Betrayal - Prophets of Baal  
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9. Betrayal - Fear Be Gone  
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Includes songs from Betrayal and Martyr.

Compilation of selected Martyr and Betrayal demo tracks. Includes demo style packaging, detailed liner notes with both band histories and 10 remastered demo tracks. Stickered with the words 'Demo' on one side and "The Passing Of Time", a self-produced 'glorified demo', because we're poor & we don't have a label deal, on the other.
Track 10 is listed on the CD and liner notes, though it is exclusively on the enhanced CD-ROM portion only. This copy personally signed by the five original Betrayal members. Copies are known to exist without signatures. Unknown amount of the compilations were printed and not promoted upon release.

© 2000/2001 Black And White Records. Made in USA.

Tracks 1 - 6 are played by Martyr.
Tracks 7 - 9 are played by Betrayal.
Track 10 is CD-ROM track only (track Frantic).

Recording information:

Remastered At – Black & White Studios

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