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Mare Tenebrarum > Cruzando la oscuridad a tu lado
Mare Tenebrarum - Cruzando la oscuridad a tu lado
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Cruzando la oscuridad a tu lado

Mare Tenebrarum

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Beside You Records
None yet
1. El martirio es ahora el precio de la salvación 01:36   instrumental
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2. Mar de sombras 03:31   Show lyrics
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3. El portal de un ángel 03:19   Show lyrics
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4. Sangras por mí 03:42   Show lyrics
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5. Bajo la sombra de tus alas 01:13   instrumental
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6. Mi último verso 03:25   Show lyrics
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7. 16 gradas y 14 pisos 04:48   Show lyrics
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8. Te veré morir 03:28   Show lyrics
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9. Miseria en el Eden 03:25   Show lyrics
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10. Triste y Dulce 01:17   instrumental
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11. Espero, espero y sueño 03:46   Show lyrics
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12. Cuando duerme el odio 04:06   Show lyrics
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13. Mi mejor amigo es la "j" mayúscula, 04:43   Show lyrics
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Joma Bass
Eduardo Lovo Drums
Juan Guitars
Oscar Alas Guitars
Jorge Vocals
Gerson Vocals
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Another version of this album is available in bandcamp with only 8 tracks includying the bonus track:
08. Creacion en el abismo

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