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Advance Promo 2002


Release date:
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Version desc.:
Enhanced CD-ROM
War Hammer Records
100 copies
None yet
1. Our Will Is His 02:21   Show lyrics
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2. Urine Flowing Through the Veins of Christ 01:49   Show lyrics
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3. Eve of Satan's Millenium (live) 02:40   Show lyrics
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4. Ritual Cleansing of the Whore (MPEG Video)  
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Satanel Vocals, Guitars
Ixitichitl Bass, Vocals (backing)
Maggot Wrangler Drums
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Split release between War Hammer Records and Breath of Night Records.

Hand-numbered in silver marker on the front cover and again on the actual CDs. Most copies were passed out for free at the 2002 Ohio Deathfest.

5"x5" thick card-stock hand-numbered front cover (pictured).

Also includes fold-out paper inlay with additional artwork, upcoming release info and contact info/logos, etc for both WarHammer Records and for Breath of Night Records. As well as additional artwork, multiple forms of contact info for Manticore, all under the heading of "The Destruction of Christianity is Upon Us..."

Actual discs have white labels with song titles, contact address, and 2 band member email contacts. The discs also display the title "Advance Promo 2002".

Recording information:

Tracks 1-2 later appeared on the Bowels of the Holy... full-length.
Track 3 was previously unreleased.
Track 4 is a video clip in MPEG format.

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