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Maniac Killer > Psychosadistic Haterapist / Maniac Killer
Maniac Killer - Psychosadistic Haterapist / Maniac Killer
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Psychosadistic Haterapist / Maniac Killer

Maniac Killer / Psychosadistic Haterapist

Release date:
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No Life 02
Version desc.:
No Life Records
None yet
1. Psychosadistic Haterapist - Obviously Dead  
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2. Psychosadistic Haterapist - The Kill Was Not Spontaneous, It Was Premeditated and Well Executed  
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3. Psychosadistic Haterapist - MURDERHATEKILLKILLKILL pt. 187  
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4. Psychosadistic Haterapist - In the Detid Muck of my Crawlspace Is Where You Will Find the Remains of Ten to Twenty of My Victims, One Was a Little Girl  
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5. Psychosadistic Haterapist - Sewergoddess Vomiticum  
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6. Psychosadistic Haterapist - I Internalized All of My Victims  
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7. Psychosadistic Haterapist - Necrosick Hallucinations from Consumption of Adipocere  
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8. Psychosadistic Haterapist - Maggots That Will Destroy This Body  
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9. Psychosadistic Haterapist - Defleshed and Disposed  
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10. Maniac Killer - Find Them, Blind Them, Killer Them...  
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11. Maniac Killer - Basement Depravities  
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12. Maniac Killer - Exploited Meathook Candy  
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13. Maniac Killer - Kill for the Master  
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14. Maniac Killer - The God of Cum Filled Open Wounds  
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15. Maniac Killer - Gutted Bitch Porno  
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16. Maniac Killer - Cannibal Buffet of Putrid Genitalia  
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17. Maniac Killer - Amputation Celebration  
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18. Maniac Killer - Way Beyond Murder and Sexual Molestation  
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19. Maniac Killer - Masturbating in the Blood Dripping from the Dangling Freshly Butchered Corpse of a 2 Year Old Child  
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20. Maniac Killer - Taboo Rituals  
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Maniac Killer
Maniac Killer Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums
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