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Sacrificial Metal of Death


Release date:
March 2010
Catalog ID:
CAV008 / UT30
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Caverna Abismal Records
200 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Introducao 03:37  
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2. Cães da Morte 06:28  
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3. Negros Cascos sobre o Trono da Terra 02:50  
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4. Flagelação 07:41  
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5. O Carrasco 04:07  
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Side B
6. Rios de Sangue 04:01  
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7. Arauto da Dor 10:55  
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8. Coroa Negra dos Infernos 11:47  
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9. Orgia no Necroterio 04:09  
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Band members
Mandibula All instruments
Morbius Samples
Miscellaneous staff
André Coelho Artwork
Mandibula All instruments
Morbius Samples
André Coelho Artwork
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Titles in English:
01. Intro
02. Dogs of Death
03. Dark Shells Over Earth's Throne
04. Flagellation
05. The Executioner
06. Rivers of Blood
07. Herald of Pain
08. Black Crown from Hell
09. Orgy in the Morgue

Split-release in tape by Caverna Abismal Records / Universal Tongue. Limited to 200 copies.

Released on CD in 2012 by Caverna Abismal Records / Ethereal Sound Works Comes with improved layout and booklet of 12 pages fullfilled with art of André Coelho.

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