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Malediction > Weeping Tears
Malediction - Weeping Tears
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Weeping Tears


Release date:
Catalog ID:
Hexateuctorment Productions
None yet
1. System Fear 05:31  
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2. Weeping Tears of Covetousness 05:47  
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3. Doctrine's Eternal Circles 07:03  
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4. Waste (Live) 02:48  
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Rich Guitars
Mark Guitars
Mark Bass
Alastair Drums
Shaun Vocals
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Also known as "Chile Demo".

Other known versions with typewriting on the inside of the demo cover list the demo tracks as follows:

Malediction (UK) Demo 1993 for H.T. Prod. (Chile)
1) Doctrines Eternal Circles
2) System Fear
3) Weeping Tears of Covetousness
4) Waste (Live)

Side B contains an Unreleased (at that time) Totten Korps (Chile) EP 1993

Professionally printed demo cover

Recording information:

Tracks 1-3 were recorded at a rehearsal at Studio 64, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, England on November 3rd, 1992.

Track 4 was recorded live in Bradford on October 16th, 1992.

Engineered and mixed by Matt on November 11th, 1992.

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