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Malediction - Framework of Contortion
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Framework of Contortion


Release date:
October 1991
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Intro  
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2. System Fear 05:26  
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3. Waste 02:28  
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4. Murdered from Within 03:46  
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5. Longterm Result 04:04  
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6. Insect in the Infrastructure 04:49  
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7. Infestation 05:06  
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8. Framework of Contortion 04:05  
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9. System Fear (live)  
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10. Murdered from Within (live)  
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11. Waste (live)  
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12. Longterm Result (live)  
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13. Infestation (live)  
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14. Framework of Contortion (live)  
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Mirai Kawashima of SIGH sat in on the recording with plans for him to add keyboards and insane banzai screaming to the recording. Unfortunately, this idea was shelved due to our desperation to reach the pub before closing time, an early indication of the band's misguided priorities that would inevitably cost dearly.

Recording information:

The live songs were recorded on August 23rd, 1991.

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