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Lvzbel > Tiempo de la bestia
Lvzbel - Tiempo de la bestia
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Tiempo de la bestia


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Discos y Cintas Denver
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1. Tiempo de la bestia 03:44   Show lyrics
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2. Mártires de Acteal 04:27   Show lyrics
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3. Elixir 04:30   Show lyrics
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4. Tira 03:27   Show lyrics
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5. Nazareno 03:37   Show lyrics
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6. Oh Sana 04:02   Show lyrics
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7. Viernes 13 03:00   Show lyrics
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8. Quémale las patas al diablo 03:59   Show lyrics
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9. Hijos del eclipse 04:53   Show lyrics
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10. Sobreviviente del infierno 03:41   Show lyrics
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In the first impressions, there was a mistake, that consisted that the third track was marked as "Quémale las patas al diablo" when it was "Elixir", the same on track 8, it was marked as "Elixir" when it was "Quémale las patas al diablo".

"Tira" is the first song of Lvzbel which includes profanities.

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