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Lvzbel > En vivo en Ecuador Quito
Lvzbel - En vivo en Ecuador Quito
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Mirada eléctrica

En vivo en Ecuador Quito


Live album
Release date:
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Distribuidora Rilo's
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1. Por piedad 03:37  
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2. Pasaporte al Infierno 02:44  
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3. Guerrero verde 04:48  
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4. Sero positivo 03:50  
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5. Advertencia 03:54  
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6. Hijos del Metal 04:36  
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7. El loco 05:22  
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8. El hambre 06:37  
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9. Ángel de la lujuria 05:42  
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10. Solo de guitarra 05:55  
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11. América para los latinos 06:51  
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A faux-live album.

Even though the cover says "Luzbel", it is actually a Lvzbel album.

Recording information:

The album's title states it was recorded in Quito, Ecuador, but in fact only three songs were recorded in Quito. All the other songs were taken from the "Pistas musicales 1985-1999" karaoke compilation, with vocals added in the studio for this release (as well as mentions of Quito and Ecuador to give it credibility). In turn, the album "Pistas musicales 1985-1999" took all the tracks from the "Vivo y desnudo" live albums, sans vocals.

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