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Lugburz / Meghorash > We Are Damned
Lugburz / Meghorash - We Are Damned
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We Are Damned

Lugburz / Meghorash

Release date:
October 10th, 2006
Catalog ID:
GID 003
Version desc.:
Limited edition
God Is Dead Records
400 copies
None yet
1. Meghorash - Unholy Inquisition (Introduction)  
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2. Meghorash - Złamane krucyfiksy judeochrześcijańskiej hipokryzji  
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3. Meghorash - The Birth of Independent Consciousness  
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4. Meghorash - Broken Chains of Earthly Bondage  
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5. Meghorash - Antichristian Rebel  
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6. Meghorash - Satanic Possessions (Pure Blasphemy - Outroduction)  
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7. Lugburz - In the Maelstrom of Suffering  
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8. Lugburz - Demon zemsty (re-recorded)  
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9. Lugburz - In League with Satan (Venom cover)   Show lyrics
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10. Lugburz - Fall of Christian Hegemony (Live '06)  
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Tanatos Guitars (lead)
Belzagor Guitars (rhythm)
Torveg Bass
Storm Drums
Baphomet Vocals
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