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Luciferiano > A Face do Cão
Luciferiano - A Face do Cão
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A Face do Cão


Release date:
January 21st, 2006
Catalog ID:
Sonic Blaster
None yet
1. O Luciferiano 07:35   Show lyrics
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2. A Glória de Gabriel 06:11   Show lyrics
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3. A Manifestação do Mal e as Faces da Virtude 06:51   Show lyrics
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4. No Ritual da Felação 07:42   Show lyrics
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5. A Face do Cão 06:00   Show lyrics
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6. Tributo ao Inferno 09:09   Show lyrics
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Judas Iscariotes Guitars
Kcaj Bass
Shepharuaim Drums
Zortis (R.I.P. 2010) Vocals
Daemon Adversus Guitars
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A Face do Cão means "The Face of the Beast" in Portuguese.

Title translation:
1. The Luciferian
2. Gabriel's Glory
3. The Manifestation of Evil and the Faces of Virtue
4. In the Felation Ritual
5. The Face of the Beast
6. Tribute to Hell


Barcode: 7899004763263

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