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Terror Rising

Lizzy Borden

Release date:
March 1987
Catalog ID:
CDEZ 73254
Metal Blade Records
1 review (avg. 52%)
1. Give 'em The Axe (remixed) 02:55   Show lyrics
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2. White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane cover) 03:36   Show lyrics
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3. Rod of Iron (live) 05:20   Show lyrics
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4. American Metal 05:51   Show lyrics
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5. Don't Touch Me There (The Tubes cover) 03:31   Show lyrics
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6. Catch Your Death 04:13   Show lyrics
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7. Terror Rising 02:26   Show lyrics
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Lizzy Borden Vocals
Gene Allen Guitars
Tony Matuzak Guitars
Alex Nelson (R.I.P. 2004) Guitars
Joey Scott Harges Drums
Mike Davis Bass
Read Quick...anyone got a lighter? 52% autothrall May 30th, 2012

European version adds three tracks:
Side A:
Give Em The Axe (Re-Mixed)
White Rabbit
Rod Of Iron (Live)

Side B:
American Metal
Don't Touch Me There
Catch Your Death
Terror Rising

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