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Lifeless > Belief
Lifeless - Belief

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Release date:
January 1996
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Ouverture/Bloodshed 06:45   Show lyrics
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2. Astral Beauty 05:26   Show lyrics
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3. The Stench of Life 05:26   Show lyrics
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4. Homeless 05:26   Show lyrics
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5. Thy Flesh Consume 05:26   Show lyrics
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6. Psychochaotic Trip 05:26   Show lyrics
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7. Inner Cosmos 05:26   Show lyrics
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8. The Downfall 05:26   Show lyrics
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9. Dead 05:26   Show lyrics
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10. Outro 05:26   instrumental
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Band members
Marc Kieffer Vocals, Guitars (lead), Guitars (rhythm), Bass, Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Chris Hary Producer
Lou Giovanni Mazzei Producer
Marc Kieffer Engineering, Mixing, Artwork
Jean Deltgen Artwork
Zimmer Mastering
Marc Kieffer Vocals, Guitars (lead), Guitars (rhythm), Bass, Drums
Chris Hary Producer
Lou Giovanni Mazzei Producer
Marc Kieffer Engineering, Mixing, Artwork
Jean Deltgen Artwork
Zimmer Mastering
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Ouverture: written and arranged the 30th August 1996. You
have to listen the four melody lines. / thank god for inspiration.
Bloodshed: written and arranged at the end of 1993. We wrote
this piece and we where very proud of it. This was the opening
song for our concerts as we played under the hand name

Astral beauty: written and arranged in June - July 1996.
Inspired by the beauty of our sky. 1 could not avoid thinking at
my girlfriend. With this song I will describe the splendor of
nature and the ugliness of humanity. We are the guilties. We
are destroying our self. We all know that, but no one would
make something to preserve this beauty. Only material, desire
and money. This is not the beginning but the end of a brain

The stench of life: written and arranged in March 1995.
Inspired by the falseness of human beings. Many people are
laughing at me, but they even cannot spell their name.
Homeless: written and arranged in November 1995. Inspired
by a homeless person in BXL. My girlfriend and I, we were
walking down the street. Suddenly 1 saw a homeless which was
begging for money. I gave him money because 1 was sad to see
him in such a proudless state. A few days after we saw the
same person with the same sheet of paper. He told me a lot of
lies a few days before and / was very angry.

Psychochaotic trip: written in December 1995. Inspired by my
feelings. Hate, was all I felt at this time of my life. At university,
it was very hard for me to find any persons to talk with and I
felt set aside. Everyone criticized my music and the way I play
guitar. Maybe they were not ready to hear something out of my
music. This was a lousy time, and lousy beings too.

Thy flesh consume (I'm a worm): written and arranged in
August 1996. Inspired by death. 1 describe how a body will
look like after life. Maybe it seems horrid and tasteless but this
is the splendor of nature. This is fate, destination. We can not
live without avoiding what is life after death.

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