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Brotherhood of Drakkonian Royal Blood

Legion of Doom / Stutthof

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Hades Productions
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1. Legion of Doom - Unholy Lord 04:29  
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2. Legion of Doom - The Infernal Legions 04:05  
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3. Legion of Doom - Ishtar... Queen of the Battle 01:27  
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4. Legion of Doom - Cursing Ritual 06:38  
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5. Stutthof - The Mystery of Unholy Flesh 02:40  
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6. Stutthof - Beyond the Forest of Infernal Devastation 04:29  
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7. Stutthof - Battles From Beyond 02:27  
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8. Stutthof - An Ode to Thee Ancient Great Goddess 04:32   Show lyrics
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9. Stutthof - And Cosmos From Ashes to Dust 05:07  
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10. Stutthof - Left Hand Path... The Art of Sorcery 06:25  
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Includes old material from both bands. "The Desecration" demo3'94 from LEGION OF DOOM; 3 tracks from the split tape with Nemeton'04, the 7" EP'04 "An Ode to Thee Ancient Great Goddess", and a bonus track from "Towards Thy Astral Path..." LP version 2006 from STUTTHOF.


Matrix / Runout: B10785

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