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Leech > Against Leviathan!
Leech - Against Leviathan!

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Against Leviathan!


Release date:
August 1st, 2007
Catalog ID:
1 review (avg. 90%)
1. At Once, Our Home Was Overcome by a Roar Which Tore Through Our Hearts, Silencing the Wind and the Quiet Songs of the Birds; We Realised What We Had Lost, and Began to Call to Her. 11:40  
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2. Chained to the Ghost of a Lie, We Blindly Stumble Toward Our Death, Stopping Occasionally to Kick (but Never Question) the Rotted Carcass at Our Feet Which Slows Our Pace. 09:29  
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Paul Riedl Guitars, Vocals
Nate Myers Bass, Vocals
Kyle Watson Drums
Read Beautiful and worldly 90% Noktorn September 20th, 2007

Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies w/ poster. The packaging is a 12-page zine detailing the band's anarcho-primitivist sentiments, with the booklet essentially serving as a primer.

50 copies were released on white cassette and also contained the bonus tracks.

Limited tour edition reissued with hand-sewn CD cover, sticker, polaroid, poster, and moss housed in a bag block-printed in runes. Limited to 100. Comes with the bonus tracks:
3. True History of Mankind (Live) (6:17)
4. A Long Forgotten Path (Live) (6:04)
5. I Saw a Hole in the Man, Deep Like a Hunger He Will Never Fill... (2:21)

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