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Land of Hate > Total Massacre Live Video
Land of Hate - Total Massacre Live Video

Land of Hate discography (all)
Total Devastation

Total Massacre Live Video

Land of Hate

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1. Antination - Antiwar   Show lyrics
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2. Bloodshed   Show lyrics
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3. Extreme Violence   Show lyrics
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4. Sudden Perversion   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
5. Gener(h)ate   Show lyrics
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6. PolĂ­cia (Sepultura cover)   Show lyrics
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7. Trapped Mosquito  
  (loading lyrics...)
8. Humanimals  
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9. Smashed Out of Control  
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10. Tsantsa  
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11. Mass-Sacred Nation  
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12. Fresh Flesh  
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13. Violated Code  
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14. Enslaved by the Pigs  
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This split video contains live material from Land of Hate (tracks 1-6) and Zora (tracks 7-14).

Recording information:

Recorded in August 2006 at Rock Auser Music Festival - Albi (Catanzaro).

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