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Laid to Waste > Mental Decay
Laid to Waste - Mental Decay
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Mental Decay

Laid to Waste

Release date:
May 5th, 2017
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Digipak, Limited edition
Support Underground
325 copies
None yet
1. Reborn 04:47   Show lyrics
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2. Mental Decay 03:34   Show lyrics
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3. The Breaking Wheel 03:34   Show lyrics
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4. Blood of the Innocent 03:09   Show lyrics
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5. Bells of Return 04:10   instrumental
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6. The Strangler 03:21   Show lyrics
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7. Violence Be the Cure 04:15   Show lyrics
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8. Collateral Damage 05:11   Show lyrics
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Zdenda Smrťák Bass, Vocals (lead)
Ryan Mowbray Drums
Vojta "Blackwild" Černý Guitars (lead), Vocals
Sky Kobylak Guitars (rhythm), Vocals
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Recording information:

Produced by Laid to Waste and Sheafraidh
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Sheafraidh (KSV Studios)

Album Art: Profikomix
Band Logo: Honza "Nargor" Křemen
Album Photos: Michal Radoš

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