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Kylesa > Live Studio Improvisation 3.7.14
Kylesa - Live Studio Improvisation 3.7.14
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Live Studio Improvisation 3.7.14


Release date:
August 2014
Catalog ID:
RF 005
Version desc.:
Limited edition, Transparent orange vinyl
Retro Futurist
200 copies
None yet
Side A
1. Untitled  
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Side B
2. Untitled  
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Laura Pleasants Guitars, Vocals
Phillip Cope Guitars, Vocals
Carl McGinley Drums, Percussion
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One time special pressing for the subscribers of Kylesa's own Retro Futurist label. Intented to be a 7" but evolved into full LP length. No digital release.
First recording and session with new drummer Edley O'Dowd.

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