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Kroda > Поплач мені, річко...
Kroda - Поплач мені, річко...
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До небокраю життя...
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Legend / Волчья верность

Поплач мені, річко...


Release date:
May 2004
Catalog ID:
silence 23MC
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Stellar Winter Records
1000 copies
3 reviews (avg. 96%)
Side A
1. Крода 01:38   instrumental
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2. Приданий бесконечный путь 07:27   Show lyrics
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3. Где увековечен был мир и покой 07:33   Show lyrics
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4. Иней крови 05:01   Show lyrics
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Side B
5. Рідний край 08:45   Show lyrics
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6. Грому палиці коряві 05:45   Show lyrics
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7. Поплач мені, річко... (Зрада князя Володимира) 05:52   Show lyrics
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8. Apocalypse (Hypocrisy cover) 05:59   instrumental
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Band members
Eisenslav Vocals, Bass, Percussion, Lyrics
Yulian Mytsyk Guitars, Keyboards, Pipe, Drum programming
Miscellaneous staff
Yulian Mytsyk Photography
Eisenslav Vocals, Bass, Percussion, Lyrics
Yulian Mytsyk Guitars, Keyboards, Pipe, Drum programming
Yulian Mytsyk Photography
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All music by Viterzgir, except track 8 by Hypocrisy.
Cover design and photography by Viterzgir.
Portrait art by Juriy "Myhas" Koval.

1. Kroda
2. Endless Path of Legends
3. Where the Peace And Calm Were Immortalized
4. Hoarfrost of Blood
5. Native Land
6. Gnarled Cudgels of Thunder
7. Cry to Me, River... (Betrayal of Knjaz Volodymir)
8. Apocalypse (Hypocrisy cover)

Even though the Hypocrisy song has lyrics Kroda's version is instrumental.

Recording information:

Music recorded at Capitollium recs. in autumn 2003.
Vocals recorded at Protivostojanie recs. in Winter 2004.
Mastered at Capitollium recs.
Produced by Kroda.

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