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Krieg > A Small Death: Sessions 2003
Krieg - A Small Death: Sessions 2003
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A Small Death: Sessions 2003


Release date:
August 11th, 2017
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Children of the Night
100 copies
None yet
1. Marching to My Sepulture  
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2. The Failing Skin  
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3. Time  
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4. Dance of Pills and Razors  
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5. This Fading Form  
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6. Flesh Descending  
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7. Charioteer (The Temple Song) (Earth cover)  
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There is an error on the printing of the cassettes where it says "Sessions 2004" instead of 2003.

Pressing info:
- 50 copies come in smoky tint shell
- 50 copies come in clear blue shell

Track 6 is edited due to samples on the original.

Recording information:

Recorded Winter 2003 at Winterblut Studio, Nuremberg, Germany.

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