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Money, Sex & Power

Kissin' Dynamite

Release date:
March 23rd, 2012
Catalog ID:
AFM 388-2
AFM Records
2 reviews (avg. 65%)
1. Money, Sex & Power 04:40   Show lyrics
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2. I Will Be King 04:13   Show lyrics
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3. Operation Supernova 03:51   Show lyrics
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4. Sex Is War 03:51   Show lyrics
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5. Club 27 04:34   Show lyrics
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6. Dinosaurs Are Still Alive 04:08   Show lyrics
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7. She's a Killer 03:50   Show lyrics
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8. Sleaze Deluxe 03:08   Show lyrics
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9. Ego-shooter 04:01   Show lyrics
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10. Six Feet Under 03:45   Show lyrics
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Band members
Steffen Haile Bass
Andreas Schnitzer Drums
Jim Müller Guitars
Ande Braun Guitars
Hannes Braun Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Thomas Ewerhard Cover art
Thomas Ewerhard Cover art
Read Choosing the easy path is... 75% TrooperOfSteel April 13th, 2017
Read Somewhere between... 55% Ghost_Eh_Blinkin December 23rd, 2012

Official music videos:
I Will Be King
Six Feet Under


Barcode: 884860053723

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