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Larga sombra


Release date:
August 11th, 2017
Catalog ID:
WRG134 / Vio19 / 3LA-022
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1. Larga sombra (I, II) 05:53   Show lyrics
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2. Perdiste el filo 02:28   Show lyrics
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3. Corriendo tras el fuego... 01:09   instrumental
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4. El ardor de la crueldad 02:33   Show lyrics
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5. A este lado de la luna 03:15   Show lyrics
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6. Lo que deja cicatriz 01:28   Show lyrics
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7. Soledad 03:57   Show lyrics
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8. ... para ver el mundo arder 04:14   instrumental
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Band members
Olaia Can Kill U Bass
Michel Vigo Drums
Iván Ferro Guitars
Mario C. Vaises Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Iván Ferro Recording
Mario C. Vaises Cover art
Iván Ferro Recording
Mario C. Vaises Cover art
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Co-released with Violence in the Veins & Long Legs Long Arms Records.

Includes 16-page booklet.

Recording information:

Entirely done at Kollapse Studio (Lugo, Spain) in January, 2017.

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