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Khanate - Khanate
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Release date:
October 30th, 2001
Catalog ID:
SUNN 014
Southern Lord Recordings
8 reviews (avg. 92%)
1. Pieces of Quiet 13:24   Show lyrics
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2. Skin Coat 09:40   Show lyrics
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3. Torching Koroviev 03:37   instrumental
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4. Under Rotting Sky 18:17   Show lyrics
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5. No Joy 11:27   Show lyrics
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Band members
Alan Dubin Vocals
Stephen O'Malley Guitars
James Plotkin Bass
Tim Wyskida Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Sheri Hankins Photography
Mathias Scheeberger Mastering
Sheri Hankins Photography
Mathias Scheeberger Mastering
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Recording information:

Recorded on nekro-drone8negatives in winter 2001.
Mastered in the Gass Chamber, LA.

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