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Kerbenok > Auf wilden Pfaden / Im Einklang der Gewalten
Kerbenok - Auf wilden Pfaden / Im Einklang der Gewalten
Kerbenok discography (demos)
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Der Erde entwachsen (Gewollte Wunden)

Auf wilden Pfaden / Im Einklang der Gewalten


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Disc 1
1. Werden dem Vogel die Flügel genommen 03:48   Show lyrics
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2. The Plague 01:55   Show lyrics
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3. Die Gefangenen 06:46   Show lyrics
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4. Frosthunger 04:48   Show lyrics
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5. Kerbenok 05:35   Show lyrics
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6. Auf wilden Pfaden 10:06   Show lyrics
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7. - 06:08  
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8. Warwards 04:20   Show lyrics
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Disc 2
1. Im Einklang der Gewalten 40:20   Show lyrics
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Stefán Guitars, Vocals
Christopher Duis Drums, Percussions, Vocals (clean)
Marc Bass
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Released 4 times, each release limited to 50 handnumbered and handmade copies except the very first edition which was limited to 5 copies in a special and very expensive, handmade digipak.

Album title translation (from German): On wild paths / In unison of forces
Song title translations (from German):
Disc 1
1. The wings are taken away from the bird
3. The captives
4. Frost hunger
6. On wild paths
Disc 2
1. In unison of forces

Recording information:

Live recorded by Kerbenok.
Mixed & mastered in Summer 2005 by Christian Schenk & Kerbenok at Klangstrom Studio, Lübeck

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