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Katharsis - Kruzifixxion
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Release date:
November 2003
Catalog ID:
NED 001
Norma Evangelium Diaboli
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
5 reviews (avg. 79%)
Side A
1. The Last Wound 07:32   Show lyrics
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2. Painlike Paradise 05:25   Show lyrics
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3. The Chosen One 06:14   Show lyrics
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Side B
4. Blood Stainth the Temple Stones 10:59   Show lyrics
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5. Luziferion 02:55   Show lyrics
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6. Infernal Solar Vortexx (A Vision in Three Parts) 09:19   Show lyrics
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Band members
Drakh Vocals, Guitars
Scorn Guitars, Bass
M. K. Drums
Guest/Session Solo on Infernal Solar Vortexx
Miscellaneous staff
Jon Thorns Cover art
Drakh Vocals, Guitars
Scorn Guitars, Bass
M. K. Drums Solo on Infernal Solar Vortexx
Jon Thorns Cover art
Read Chariot to the bottomless pits 93% Storfeth March 31st, 2013
Read Raw blasting and fun if... 65% NausikaDalazBlindaz February 23rd, 2012
Read The Last Wound!... 100% Thorsson July 10th, 2008
Read o.O... This isn't that good? 50% Serpenthrone777 November 5th, 2007
Read Harsh assault 85% chainsawexecution December 5th, 2004

The CD version comes with a total of 10 tracks: tracks 2, 4, 7 and 9 consist of short interludes of whispering voices. The time taken up by these tracks has been integrated into the tracklist shown below.

Some LPs came with a part of a bone.

Pro Tape version released by Nails of Christ in 2005. Limited to 666 copies.

LP version re-released by Noevdia in 2009, almost 100% similar to the original.
One can distinguish the difference from the original and the repress of the Kruzifixxion vinyl from the manufacturing code pressed in the vinyl. The original has in it, the second one doesn't.

Original & owner of the artwork is Will "BoneS" Lee currently of Table 9 Media (at the time Bad Influence Grafixx).

The cover artwork is a re-worked version of the cover of Petrified Zine #3, by Jon Thorns of Full Moon Productions.

Recording information:

Recorded at RMK Headquarters MMI - MMII A.B.
Mastered at Silent Hell by A.O.D. MMIII A.B.
Produced by Katharsis


Matrix / Runout (Side A (First press)): AE 53831/A
Matrix / Runout (Side B (First press)): AE 53832/A

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