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Anonymous Ballad


Release date:
March 15th, 2009
Catalog ID:
STP 11-0017
Silent Tree Productions
2 reviews (avg. 89%)
1. Part One - Thoughts About Worthless Things and the Future [8 Brief Notes in the University Square] 06:05   Show lyrics
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2. Part Two - Sadness and Hopelessness [Conversations in the Lobby] 05:37   Show lyrics
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3. Part Three - The Advent of Madness [Lucubrations from the Nightmare of July 8th] 05:04   Show lyrics
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4. Part Four - No Guide [22:30 (End of the Day): Solitude and Weariness and... Solitude, After All] 13:49   Show lyrics
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5. Part Five - Darkness [Last Tests, Conclusion and the Obscurity at the End of the Tunnel] 09:52   Show lyrics
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Band members
J.L. Montáns Vocals, Guitars
Marta Barcia Bass
Adrián Hernández "Krecho" Drums
Miscellaneous staff
Kris Verwimp Artwork
Kris Verwimp Artwork
Read Another Epic. 85% Perplexed_Sjel May 25th, 2009
Read Kathaarsys Go Dark Rock... 92% Akerfeldt_Fanboi April 21st, 2009

Recording information:

Recorded at La Nave de Oseberg in Argentina, Buenos Aires (where Tarja Turunen, Fabio Lione, etc. have recorded).

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