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Katedra Patologii > From the Hospital Table
Katedra Patologii - From the Hospital Table
Katedra Patologii discography (all)
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Surgical Genocide

From the Hospital Table

Katedra Patologii

Release date:
September 2003
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Extracting the Infected Tissue 02:00  
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2. Compound Fracture of Phantom Leg 01:37  
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3. Non Veneral Treponemal Disease 02:13  
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4. Vomiting the Torn Bladder 01:21  
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5. Purulent and Ulcered 01:52  
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6. Disemboweled Putrid Corpse 01:25  
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7. Rancid Smell from the Mortuary 02:05  
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8. Completely Burnt Face 02:09  
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9. End of Trip in the Plastic Bag 01:32  
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10. From the Hospital Table 02:51  
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11. Genital Grinder (Carcass cover) 01:57  
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12. Boring Bit Drilling a Hole in the Surgeon's Temple 04:55  
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Jędrek Bass, Guitars, Drum Programming
Emil Vocals
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