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Kaos Nekros Kosmos

Was ist das für 1 Live


Live album
Release date:
March 26th, 2020
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. Gore Yoghurt & Viecher Müsli 02:46   Show lyrics
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2. Bis hier hin und dicht weiter 03:09   Show lyrics
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3. Bad Rabbit 02:11   Show lyrics
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4. Nekroupie 03:33   Show lyrics
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5. Dead Is the New Sexy 02:34   Show lyrics
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6. Ekelnüsse 03:03   Show lyrics
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7. Stuhlgewitter 03:09   Show lyrics
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8. House of the Nekrosun 04:01   Show lyrics
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9. Dortmund Asozial (Unprofessional Admission) 01:20  
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10. The Whole Session (Including All Announcements) 44:48  
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Goreminister Vocals
Corporal Cruel Guitars (acoustic), Vocals
Major Maggotfeeder Guitars (acoustic), Vocals (backing)
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Recording information:

Recorded live on May 9th, 2018 during the Nekroustic Session at Café Banane.

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